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My name is Melissa, and I love showing people how the body works, nature, traveling, and having fun with my daughter. Currently, we’re enjoying our time in Dallas, Texas. Professionally, I’m a Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, Restorative Wellness Practitioner-1, Lactation Consultant, and Registered Nurse.

I use Nutritional Therapy, cutting edge testing, transformative food education + lifestyle coaching to optimize healing and function so you can feel free, easy + whole again.

I've spent 10+ years in the medical field and I understand where the knowledge gaps are that affect how people navigate their health.

Our bodies are made up of complex interconnected systems that when given the proper tools, nutrients, and circumstances, have the incredible ability to overcome blocks so the body can restore, regenerate, and correct itself.

I work with you to balance the key foundational systems to address the causes of these dietary symptoms based on your unique bio-individuality:

  • Digestion
  • Blood Sugar Regulation
  • Mineral Balance
  • Fatty Acid Absorption
  • Hydration
  • Lifestyle Factors

Imbalances in these systems can affect how you feel, your mood, other systems such as the reproductive or immune system, and even your family’s eating habits + future health in ways you might have never connected or thought.

I've had the opportunity to work in many different environments, and I want to share a few things I noticed.

Working as a nurse, I noticed:

Not many people were actually getting healthier.

Even though they were doing their best, they were often frustrated because often times the information and advice they had contradicted itself or they never got real straightforward answers.

The medical industry is a disease + symptom management system.

The truth is that while the people working in the healthcare industry have really good intentions and want to help people, healthcare is a business with the incentive to make money as opposed to a healing system.

There's a large gap + gray area between wellness + disease.

You might not “sick enough” for medical intervention, but you’re also not feeling 100%. I’ve seen so many people who want to feel better, but their symptoms weren’t organized enough for medication that may have brought them some short-term relief.

Prevention is the best medicine.

This is super true, and education provides us with the most effective tools to promote prevention of countless diseases that require medical intervention, money, energy, and resources later down the line.

Disease-causing dietary symptoms are treated with non-dietary methods over and over again.

Approaching symptoms on the outer most level doesn’t address the problem or root cause, leaving symptoms to seem never ending. Symptoms, like weight gain, are signs of an imbalance within the body and it’s functions.

Emotional processing + stress management are under developed + over neglected.

Our society is fast paced. It’s so easy to over-identify with our roles and responsibilities, we forget to take care of ourselves, especially if we aren’t exposed to successful models of balance and have many unchallenged limiting beliefs about ourselves + situations. This makes it difficult to accept and integrate health-promoting changes.

Long story short, there has to be a better way.
And there most definitely is.

Why I'm here

Over 10 years ago I entered the medical field with the intention of helping people. I worked in a lot of different areas, but they all had one thing in common: the HUGE need for prevention education. 

I realized that in a hospital setting, I could not fairly educate people with the information I had, so I transitioned to holistic nutrition.

Real health means we nurture our wellness and grow the health we have right now to prevent unnecessary disease states. 

It starts with awareness of what you do or don’t put in your body, how you think, and even your beliefs.

Here's a few things people don't know about me:

  • I grew up on microwavable Chef Boyardee, frozen lasagna, Dr. Pepper, and Domino’s Pizza.
  • I weighed more in 5th grade than I do now.
  • I was plagued by acne, seasonal allergies, digestion dysfunction, and constant abdominal pain.
  • In my early adult years I had an elevated fasting blood sugar, high cholesterol, reproductive problems, a terrible caffeine addiction, and the worst sugar cravings ever.
Yep, I’ve come a looooong way…

Nutrition seriously changed the quality direction of my life.

There's good news for you!

The good news is that even if your body’s not perfect, it is amazing, and it can do some pretty awesome healing if we give it the opportunity. This is really where nutritional therapy helps you shine.

I totally get how confusing and intimidating it can be to transition from one lifestyle to another. On paper, transitioning is simple, but not easy–UNLESS you have the right tools, support, and mindset.

So if all the health food hype confuses you, you’re in the right place.

Start your health journey now.

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