The Labels + Marketing - Repurpose Bundle

Re-purpose packs are text documents from Nerd Out Nutrition Templates that you can directly copy + paste into other platforms like blog posts, Facebook or Instagram.

They’re intended to help you free up more time and give you what you need to have a consist presence + connection with your tribe.

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The Labels + Marketing - Repurpose Bundle includes:

The Labels + Marketing - Repurpose Bundle includes:

How It Works


Nerd Out Nutrition offers easy-to-use Canva templates in the form of Singles, Packs + Bundles.

  • Singles are single-page templates (up to 3 pages) that are great if you want a specific template.
  • Packs are 5+ Singles grouped together based on a common topic. You’ll save 20-30% with Packs.
  • Bundles are multiple Packs grouped together. They have all the benefits of Packs + they offer the most value for your budget.
  • Re-Purpose Packs are text documents containing content from Nerd Our Nutrition templates. Easily copy, paste, and post on multiple platforms in minutes! Repurpose packs can be purchased as singles, bundles, or can be added-on to template orders at a deep discount.

You’ll get 3 attempts to download the links, but once you’ve downloaded the links page, you’ll be able to use the templates as many times as you need ;). You’ve got forever access to them, my friend.

If you need assistance with downloading the links page, just contact me and I’ll make sure you have what you need :).

Templates are great for any holistic health practitioner who aligns with these principles:

  • Focus on bioindividual needs
  • Food-first approach
  • Diets rich in whole, real + minimally processed food
  • Lifestyle + behavior modifications
  • Root cause + big picture health oriented
  • Progress, not perfection
  • Quality of life over quantity

If you want to start over, simply click the template link in the PDF you purchased, and a new template copy will open in Canva.

Yes! Templates are accessible + editable with both the free version of Canva AND Canva Pro.

Need a Canva account? Use this link to create a free account.

Yes! I’m all about freeing up time and one of the best ways to do that is to re-purpose your content. To help you save even more time, I’ve created Re-Purpose Packs, which are add-ons that include a text document containing content from the templates you’ve purchased. So you can copy, paste, and post on multiple platforms, blogs + more in minutes!

Definitely! NON Templates are content packed and the images are included, but templates are 100% customizable.

You can save even more time by utilizing the brand kit in Canva Pro. Canva Pro also allows you to upload your fonts that may not be available in the free version.

Content created with templates are for educational + personal use only. Customized content may be used on multiple social media platforms, but template content/links may not be copied, reproduced, shared with others, and are not for resale. All rights reserved. Check out the terms of use for more info.

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