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Shop single-page templates you can quickly make your own in just minutes. Templates include DFY handouts, infographics, forms, worksheets + simple marketing tools.

Shop easy-to-use Canva template packs that free up time + energy so you can focus on helping your tribe take the actions you teach.

Repurpose Packs are text-only documents from Nerd Out Nutrition Templates so that you can directly copy + paste the text into other platforms like blog posts, Facebook or Instagram.


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Hi, I'm Melissa!

I help holistic health practitioners create awesome content with easy-to-use Canva templates even if you have zero design skills.

You’re in the right place if:

  • You know education is super important to behavior change, but can be a lot for your tribe to take in.
  • You’re seriously over spending hours wandering around the content-creation process.
  • You feel a little overwhelmed with all of the things that come with running a holistic practice, and would love for just one task to be taken off your plate.
  • You feel that a successful holistic practice means you have energy to support both your tribe AND your personal life + loved ones.

That’s why I created “3 Ways to Use Template Content”—a free Canva template to show you just how easy it is to quickly create awesome content that frees up more time + energy for helping your tribe take the life-changing actions you teach, nurture your passion + business, and impact the community around you.

3 things to know about Nerd Out Nutrition Templates

1. Nerd Out Nutrition Templates connect the dots at a foundational level.

There are a lot of well-designed DFY templates available, which is awesome. NON templates not only focuses on design, but also contain content that connects the dots to help reinforce the education you’re teaching. Nerd Out Nutrition uses information from NANP approved organizations like the Nutritional Therapy Association and Restorative Wellness Solutions.


2. Nerd Out Nutrition Templates are highly visual.

65% of the population are visual learners. Add that with the average attention span of 8 seconds, and it’s no wonder our education seems lost to them at times.

The truth is, not all education is exciting, but Nerd Out Nutrition content is designed to provide your tribe with engaging edutainment.

3. Nerd Out Nutrition Templates save you time.

Nerd Out Nutrition Templates can save you time with the content-creation process in more than one way:

Single Page Templates – Specific content-packed topics that are easily customizable.

Template Packs + Bundles – 3+ templates in a packages that are 30-40% off regular template prices.

Repurpose Packs + Bundles – Text-only for easy copy + paste into other platforms like blogs + social media.  

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